A-Sense DIY Flavour Concentrates - A selection of A-Sense DIY e liquid flavour concentrates, made in Poland. We are an official reseller of A-Sense concentrates in the UK, products are rebottled by us in our ISO 7 cleanroom and packaged in our warehouse. A-Sense are a small Polish chemical company founded in 2017. Their goal is to develop through the development and implementation of new technologies and the production of specialty chemicals, including the development of technologies for the needs of customers (custom-made synthesis). They also have a very well-equipped analytical laboratory (LCMS, GCMS) and they provide chemical analysis services. The most important thing for them is the quality of our products. Quality is their mission and goal no.1. A-Sense operate in the heart of agricultural Poland and have access to many raw materials of natural origin.
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Mystery Flavour - A-Sense

Aloe - A-Sense

£1.69 – £3.99
Aloe - A-Sense Mixing Percentage - 8-10% Standalone For use as a flavour concentrate for eliquid. Requires mixing with Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Do NOT vape neat! A-Sense DIY...