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Scotts Chubby Edition - Berry Aid

Scotts Chubby Edition - Berry Aid

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Berry Aid

The original lemonade love affair! A blast of mixed berry lemonade with a fresh fizzy finish, for refreshment all day long. If you're wondering if this is the legendary Berry Aid from our Limited Editions, You're totally Right!

This liquid is 70VG/30PG meaning it is suitable for sub tanks, drippers and most standard tanks.

This label is designed with a high-quality chrome effect, giving this product the packaging to match its awesome content.

What you receive: 
1 x 50ml Berry Aid e-liquid.

This is a nicotine shot compatible e-liquid.

Adding nicotine to your favourite Scotts eliquids is really quite easy. Just 3 simple steps:


  1. Take a 10ml/18mg Nicotine Shot.
  2. Squeeze all of it into your 60ml bottle.
  3. Shake it! (A lot!)


That’s it! Adding the nicotine shot will make your 60ml eliquid 3mg/ml strength. Please take care when handling nicotine based products and dispose of empty containers safely. If you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to chat.

Compatible Nicotine Shot Sold Separately