Chemnovatic DIY Flavour Concentrates – A selection of Chemnovatic DIY e liquid flavour concentrates, made in Poland. We are an official reseller of Chemnovatic concentrates in the UK, products are rebottled by us in our ISO 7 cleanroom and packaged in our warehouse.

Chemnovatic e-liquid flavour concentrates are in conformity with European food flavours regulations 1334/2008 and Do not contain colorants or preservatives, They are Non-Genetically Modified Organism (non GMO).

Suggested dosage for Chemnovatic flavourings is between 2 and 8% depending on required flavour intensity.

We have used our experience in flavourings development to bring you intensive, rarely found e-liquid flavour concentrates that are ideal for e-liquids.  The line of Chemnovatic flavours consists of flavourings that are most sought after by customers complimented by original and unique propositions.


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