Well, it's nearly 'that' time of year, and I thought my 12 Vapes of Christmas would be my final blog instalment before the festivities kicked-off proper.

Then I got my hands on THESE two jingle-bell beauties.

SO!!! Here we are, my definitely, one-hundred percentedly final spotlight review before Christmas!

These are the 50ml pre-mixed bottles. I just added a 10ml nic shot to each and I was done! 60ml of Christmas goodness in each one!


This is THE essence of Christmas distilled, mixed and stuffed into a bottle like Paxo stuffed into a turkey's derriere.

So what is the essence of Christmas? Spice, warmth, and all things comforting. And in Kringle's Custard II we have the blummin' lot. In spades!

The velvety soft custard base is classic Nomz. This is no surprise, but this is rounded-off with a subtly realistic creamy egg-custard hint, a nod to the Eggnog that so many people enjoy this time of year Stateside.

Yet what is really fantastic is there's another big dollop of yuletide cheer to come!

A warming gingerbread immediately cuts through the custard, adding texture, heat from the ginger, and a subtle glow of cinnamon.

This whole mix is then sprinkled with a dusting of nutmeg. Beautiful.

As I said at the start, Kringle's Custard II is all you'd expect in a festive themed custard. And more.

Mmmm...erry Christmas!



I know, I know. "Kendel Mint Cake Cheesecake". I mean, "what the actual fu.."

But your really do have to try this to "get" this.

Richard here at Nomz knows his flavour combinations. He knows them like I know how to dodge a healthy fresh green salad... and I'm REALLY good at that.

The Kendle mint cake element is clean and clear with a spearmint edge. It has that sugar-crumble 'texture' to it as well. The resemblance is actually a little uncanny.

But it's the cheeky combination of this with caramel cheesecake that makes me smile.

In itself, it would be a great flavour. Smooth caramel, a light cheesecake centre and a soft crumb base. Lovely

Yet the juxtaposition between the two creates something interesting and unique yet again, something I have never vaped before, and something I never imagined I'd enjoy quite as much as I have.

Frosty loves it, I love it, and I'm sure you will too!


There we have it, my thoughts on two cracking Christmas juices! Both are perfect Xmas vapes, and dammit, should have made it to my 12 Vapes of Christmas! Oh well, there's always next year I suppose.

Once again, and for the last time before Santa empties his sack in six days time...





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