The mechanics of vape have come a long way since the advent of the Cig-a-like.

Yet for many people, the e-cigarette is just a means to an end. It's a way to stop the deadly habit that is smoking. Simply put, a CE4 disposable tank on top of a usb charged 650mAh 'pen' style battery, that can be bought at many newsagents along with a 10ml bottle of juice is all they need. It gets the job done at a pocket-friendly price.

But from this small seed, a stoic tree has rapidly grown, and upon its many branches, a large variety of fruit is blooming, budding and ripening. Yes, it has been trimmed back somewhat by the loppers and secateurs that are the TPD and Government policies, but it continues to flourish.

Or... I could have just said there's a shed load of vape gear to choose from nowadays. Well, it's written now so I'll leave it in.

As usual, I digress.

Most of us vapers who have moved beyond the eGo have had a wide selection of mods, both regulated and unregulated at our disposal for a while. To pair with these, we have an even broader selection of RDA's, RTA's, RDTA's, Subtanks, Drippers... the list goes on.

But flying under the radar, for the most part, has been the squonk. Until now.


The idea and execution of squonking ( or a bottom feed unit )is simple and elegant, taking the quality of drippers and combining this with the convenience of tanks.

It is generally accepted that a good RDA ( that's a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser if you didn't already know! ) is the ONLY way to vape. According to hardcore vape enthusiasts that is. Yes, you still have your variety of styles, sizes etc in there; small chambers for flavour, large airholes for clouds yadda yadda, but there's one fatal flaw... perpetual dripping. Like every five or six tokes for crying out loud! Annoying!

This is a big ol' negative for many people and the reason RTA's ( Rebuildable Tank Atomisers ) and Subtanks systems have been popular from the beginning, and still sell really well to this day. Pure convenience. But they have their own inherent negatives too. They are notoriously fickle bastards. Tall, leaky if not wicked properly and a bit breaky when the mod and tank falls on its side and the pyrex glass shatters all over your work desk ( can you tell I've suffered previously?!? )

Enter stage left the genius of squonk mods. Instead of holding the juice supply above or around the coils, decks, and chamber as with RTA's, the juice is kept in a squidgy bottle inside the mod. Straight away we see a reduction in the bulk and size of your mod, and your juice housed safely away from harm.

This little bottle can then be squeezed as and when necessary, squonking ( there you go! ) juice onto the deck of your dripper via a tube/pipe, saturating the wicks, leaving you free to relax and chuck clouds.

Ok, so you can't put just ANY RDA onto a squonk mod. It'll need to be fitted with a squonk pin. These pins have a hole drilled through the centre that allows your juice to travel up from the bottle, through the central 510 connector and onto the deck. Often these pins can be bought as extras for your existing RDA's that aren't squonk-ready ( thinking Goons off the top of my head ), but a lot of RDA's being sold now come with one built in or as an extra.


Er, No.

First seen in 2009 on a Youtube video posted by "TheCarlos49", he showed his own personal creation - The Juicebox. And looking back, this template has basically remained unchanged since. In fact, it's an Occam's Razor situation. Squonks take the best elements of e-cigarettes and reduce them down to their purest form.
And for a while, this indeed remained simple. A box, a battery, a squonk bottle and an atomiser. They were mechanical for the most part. Frankenskull and Boxer mods are current day popular examples.

But things never remain simple.

The Pico Squeeze introduced some regulation for the sake of safety. Basically It behaves like a mech, but won't blow up in your hand if you do something silly with your coil ohms etc! Nice!

And now, the number of fully regulated and DNA based models are on a rapid rise, with the Ijoy Capo 100W and the LostVape Therion BF DNA75 being prime examples.

That's on top of the various new styles of mechanical mods that are being churned out in the wake of 3D printing techniques.

Squonking it seems has exploded over the last year and is set to become quite mainstream; no longer a well-kept secret to those 'in the know', and I believe it will soon be as regular choice as anything else on the market.


Well, it will always be, like anything in life, a personal choice and preference, but this man has been converted. Will I 100% let go of the tank systems? For now, I doubt it. But the argument to continue buying them, considering how costly they can be, with all the inherent flaws that come with them compared to a simple dripper with a squonk pin? Ultimately, maybe I will.

I can see a time in the near future when the popularity of the squonk based systems are at least on par with the tank systems and regular drippers. And considering the initial costs for a decent squonk setup can be LESS than a mod and tank system... well it's simple logic really.


Cheers, Peegore (Peegorevapes)

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