"I ventured beyond the wall. I was met by a creature never before seen, only spoken of in tales. Its visage was fearsome, and its breath was that of crystalline fruits floating in the air about it"

"Er..What, like fruity menthol?. Meh"

"You know nothing, Jon Snow..."


Mixed at 17% ( top end of the 12-17% suggested range )
70VG/30PG, 1.5mg
Steeped for a day

The latest release, Wildling, is yet another juice from the Nom Nomz stables that takes a classic combination, that of fruits and menthol, and gives it a kick up the derriere, drags it through the barren cold of the North and brings it back transformed beyond others of its type.

Yes, I'm sure many of you have tried the run-of-the-mill berry menthols. But from petrol station to specialist vape store to Winterfell ( ok I'll stop this the Game of Thrones analogies now! ) you likely haven't tasted anything this.

Loading Wildling into a freshly wicked Reload RTA with its dual coils coming in at 0.32 ohms, I cranked the wattage up to 55w and nervously hit the fire button, waiting for an extremely mentholy blast to hit the back of my throat.

I opened one eye, looked around, and realised nope... my bronchus was safe this day!

After taking several long luxurious tokes, I'm getting a lovely soft dark berry, predominantly blackcurrant, with hints of some other red berries in there too well blended to separate.

Running along-side this is an equally strong, nicely sweet aniseed, both flavours complimenting each other perfectly in a typically classic style.

In the background, I'm also getting a pleasingly subtle herbal hint adding an interesting twist.

The combination of these three flavour types not only work particularly well together but generate a degree of mouth-feel, something I have never associated with a berry menthol before.

As for the 'chill' that comes with Wildling, well it seems to be not so much 'minty' as a straight-up clean cooling sensation. Not cooling to the uber levels of other recent 'soft-drink WS-charged' offerings, but just enough to satisfy.

Wildling is ( as I'm sure you've all come to expect now ) a superb Drip Art juice that takes a tired, "done a thousand times" e-liquid flavour and raised it to a more... connoisseur level.
If you don't try this and experience the next-gen fruity "menthol" vibe, then like Jon Snow, you will indeed know nothing.

Cheers, Peegore

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