Well, it has come to my attention that Strawreo is flavour of the week. Nice choice people! So, just to let you all know what you'll be getting when you buy this ( and you will! ), here's my review of this delicious juice!


I have a long standing love affair for all things Nom Nomz, but there’s been a small void in purchases of late.

The obvious remedy to this was to buy some more! For ages, I’ve been contemplating Pavlovin in the Nom Nomz Drip Art range, a strawberry marshmallow juice that sounds fab, but at the last minute I had a change of heart when I read the description for Strawreo – “Delicious Oreo biscuit with a strawberry cheesecake cream filling, need we say more?

No, you need not say any more… I went for Straweo instead!

My life now has more Drippy Nomz in it. All is well in the world…


Mixed at suggested 20%

70vg / 30pg, 1.5mg nic

Steeped for suggested 10-14 days

To kick things off, I’ll say now Strawreo needs it’s full steep time to gain it’s correct flavour profile. But I do suggest you give it a little toot shortly after mixing, say a day or so. I’ll explain.

When first mixed, and for several days, Strawreo tastes like Pink Wafers! Hmmmm, I know! A creamy strawberry and light wafer that is pretty much a dead ringer for that pink finger biscuit!

Then after nearly two weeks, the flavours have unfolded yet again and the Strawberry Oreo is revealed.

I’m still getting the strawberry, but the creaminess has become a little more cheesecakey. The strawberry is soft but is in no way lost in the mix, so no worries there.

The wafer flavour is still with us; it doesn’t seem to have become much more biscuity, but it has gained a lovely soft milk chocolate taste that brings things to where we should be. Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Oreo.

Ok, so Oreo’s are biscuits not wafers, but I’m seriously thankful for this not being the case with Straweo. I find that biscuit concentrates get stronger over time, and can overpower a mix. I’m much preferring this wafer note and imagine it will stay quite linear all the time I still have juice left in the bottle.

Straweo is a perfectly balanced and blended strawberry/ chocolate/ cream/ wafer creation.

I just wish I’d bought this AND Pavlovin. What a donkey!


Cheers, Peegore

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