In my previous blog post, I committed myself to a New Year's Resolution - start trying new flavours.

So, after speaking to Richard, he sent me The Coffee One by The Signature Collection, as I've never really tried any coffee juice at all, let alone a good one. Along with this came Bakers Fog Fruity Cheesecake and Jam Roly Poly, two bakery concentrates from the Vapercrew stables. These all need a few weeks steep, so will have to wait until a future article

I also took delivery of a couple of popular Drip Art flavours -Slushizz and Manga. Both of these should be pretty much shake 'n vape ( always good news when reviewing! ), but the best part is I'll be sticking to my resolution; getting to sample and review a couple of rarely tried flavours - slush and mango!


Mixed at 20% ( suggested 15% to 20% )
Steeped for 5 Days
VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine

Wow. Straight from the word go, the smell of the concentrate while mixing put me in mind of the slushies I've bought for my kids in the past at the cinema, at the seaside or even the foot-long icepops I keep in the fridge for them. It's a unique aroma and Slushizz IS blue slush!

At its core, Slushizz gets the one thing right that the few other ones I've tried so far get oh-so-wrong. The Blue Raspberry. I appreciate that Blue Raspberry in real-world slushes has an artificial taste, that it is indeed expected to taste somewhat artificial, but to me, this is no excuse for it to taste... chemical. And in the past other mixes have been just this. Overly chemical.

Slushizz presents it's Blue Raspberry in a particularly fruity fashion though, bright and vibrant, very candy/confectionary and really tasty.

This perky fruit base is layered with a nice mild acidity, something that gives a little sourness to the mix, and rounding this off further, adding additional weight to the 'slush' is a dash of cooling.

One thing I did notice was as the wick became less saturated, just before a top-up squonk into the RDA, the vape sometimes tasted a little like blue cotton candy.

The overall flavour strength isn't hugely potent, it's enough to ADV without causing any flavour fatigue yet keep me satisfied.

A super Blue Slush, head and shoulders above any others of its ilk I've yet tried.


Mixed at 20% ( suggested 15% to 20% )
Steeped for 5 Days
VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine

I'll make no bones about it, Manga is all, and I mean ALL, about the mango!

It draws on all aspects of the fruit, from the juiciness to the fleshiness right through to the sweetness.

I have no doubt there are a few variations of mango flavourings in here, plus some other bits and bobs thrown in to enhance the overall vape quality, but at the end of the day, this all comes together to create what I think is a quintessential sweet mango e-liquid.

Yes this review is brief, mainly because there is nothing much more I need to add.

Love Mango - Love Manga


As usual, these two one-shots have shown me that If I ever I want to try the best representation of a flavour type available, It's always worth checking in with the Nom Nomz / Drip Art range first.

Both are easily the pinnacle of their genre and have both been an absolute pleasure to vape. All day long.

Cheers, Peegore

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