Well, it’s what they otherwise call a Flavourshot or a Bottleshot

Basically, it’s a 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml bottle with enough concentrate in it to make a full-flavoured batch of your bestist juice. All you have to do is add VG/PG and nicotine.

I COULD do a chart with loads of calculations, but at it’s simplest, you can just do the following –

  • Using the NEOshot cap, add 5 capfulls ( 250ml bottle ), 10 capfulls ( 500ml bottle ) or 20 capfulls ( 1000ml ) of PG ( propylene glycol )

  • For 3mg e-liquid, add 4x VG nicotine shots ( 250ml bottle ), 8x VG nicotine shots ( 500ml bottle ) or 16x VG nicotine shots ( 1000ml )

  • Top up the NEO shot to the neck with VG, leaving a centimetre or two of air for shaking.

  • Shake. Now your done! You will have a mix roughly 75VG/25PG

If you want to be more accurate than this, grab an e-liquid calculator on Android or IOS for your mobile. I personally use “POTV Ejuicecalc”


Mixed as NEO shot 250ml  ( 15% concentrate in bottle )

70vg / 30pg, 1.5mg

Steeped for 1 week 

The first time I tried Jamerang, I knew it was going to be one of Richards special mixes,  and it was going to be one I fell in love with. Why? The Jam of course!

Jamerang opens up with a big hit of blueberry, but not the blueberry I’ve come to know and expect from other manufacturers. This is totally devoid of any sort of floral perfumeyness, instead it’s one of bold fruitiness, way more than just blueberry. It has the depth of, say, blackcurrant or blackberry. It’s blueberry but not as you know it.

And it’s Jammy. It’s thick and rich, and has a jammy aftertaste that goes on and on well after that last inhale has been taken. I love it just for this!

A light sugar cookie combined with a chewy marshmallow, sorta macaron-like, adds a huge amount of mouthfeel and a supporting flavour that stops Jamerang being one-dimensional.

This is a liquid that shows Richard is still on his game when it comes to creating killer mixes, and one that I’d hope becomes one of his classics in future.

Super tasty, super jammy… Jamerang is top-notch!



Mixed as NEO shot 250ml  ( 20% concentrate in bottle )

70vg / 30pg, 1.5mg

Steeped for 1 week 

We’ve all been there. A trip to Grannie’s house, and she’s taken the best bone china from the cupboard and dusted it off ( Ok, so my grandma didn’t always get around to this bless her. Removing dust-bunnies from the teacups was actually part of the tea-consuming ritual), and she has a strong pot of tea brewing. Loose leaf of course, none of this modern teabag usage there!

And with this came the obligatory plate of biscuits. More often than not… Custard Creams.

And this is what all this waffle has been leading up to! Nana’s Treat from Nom Nomz, a simple yet uncanny representation of the old-time favourite.

Most of what you will experience is a creamy custard base, sorta reminding me of Nom Nomz Creme Anglaise but thicker, more buttery and very light on the vanilla.

But, mixed in with this is a delightful proper shortbread flavour, and the tight combination of the two become one… Custard Cream Biscuits.

I can’t really expand much more on Nana’s Treat. It just is what it is. A teatime treat made deliciously vapeable!



The format is great, a big bottle to mix in, a small empty bottle with nozzle to transfer to for everyday use. Brill.

The new flavours are spot on as well, and great additions to the Nom Nomz line.

Oh, gotta mention. These both are good to go after a few days. No big steeps required. Maybe a week if you insist but not much changes!

Cheers, Peegore

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