When Richard at Nom Nomz told me he was going to put together a range of community one-shots, I just thought " What an awesome idea! "

See, there are several huge community e-liquid recipe websites ( e liquid, etc ) that contain contributions from thousands of everyday Joe Public mixologists, ranging from average to awesome. I've made more than a fair few in the past ( my boxes of single flavour concentrates will attest to this! ), some I've loved, some I'd never make again. The great thing HERE is, Nom Nomz have taken the cream of the crop, the ones the community adores... and mixed them up for you and popped them in lovely bottles!

There are currently four to choose from, and I have no doubt there will be more to come!


APPLE BUTTAH by Goldfish18

Apple Buttah Concentrate by Goldfish18

Mixed at suggested 9.5%

Steeped for 2 week ( suggested 3-5 days )

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


I never thought I'd enjoy FA Fuji Apple this much. Over time, for some reason, it has started to just annoy me. It's a bully of a flavour at best of times, and always seems to stand out like a tart at a garden party.

Yet Goldfish18 has managed to tame it somewhat. Ok, I would still guess what the apple brand was without knowing the recipe, but blimey he's found some excellent sympathetic ingredients to go with it.

Apple Buttah doesn't literally taste like apple with butter, in fact there's no hint of butter at all. Although there could be something buttery in it. The name likely derives from the fact that the real world equivalent is spreadable like jam. Or butter. I'll stop babbling now.

What It does taste like is Bramley apple that has been simmered for a while with a little Cinnamon thrown in for some added depth of flavour. I say specifically Bramley apple, as the supporting ingredients have given the apple a bit of a tart and sour edge, the type that makes the inside of your cheeks tingle and inwardly pucker a little when eating it.

After a weeks steep, there is a soft supporting creaminess coming through as well, and when it does, Apple Buttah stops tasting so 'immediate' and starts to softly round-off.

Goldfish18 has basically taken a single flavour and given it a shit-load of depth!

Like I said at the beginning, this is one of the first Apple vapes I've enjoyed in a long while, and although it isn't anywhere near my own personal Holy Grail apple vape ( That would be a Mr Kipling Apple Pie ), it's still very good.


Folkart's Reserve Concentrate by folkart

Mixed at suggested 4.5%

Steeped for 2 week ( suggested 3-5 days )

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


Cuttwood's Boss Reserve is a commercial e-liquid I really quite enjoyed. Before that, it was Cosmic Fog's Milk & Honey which adored. Since then, I have kept half an eye out for something that comes close to these in a one-shot form... and I think Folkart's Reserve comes super close! Yay!

Banana is the only fruit you'll get in here. Yup, like most other banana juices it has a degree of foamy banana-ness to it but it's creamy too so big thumbs up there.

This creamy banana is supported by a base that has several elements working really well together. It's a nutty biscuit seemingly bound together by a light butterscotch or caramel, with a little creaminess thrown in to smooth things off. This is where it diverges a little from Boss Reserve, where I get more of a nutty golden syrup / honey, but the end result is just as tasty.

My only issue is I get an Acetyl Pryazine flavour coming through a little too much. But then again, like I've mentioned before, I had an incident a few years ago spilling a bottle on the bedroom carpet, it's strong smell lingering for weeks. Yes, I'm a bit sensitised to it!

All in all a great mix, and about as close as you'll get to Boss Reserve as you'll find.

GOD MILK by SkiddlzNinja

God Milk Concentrate by SkiddlzNinja

Mixed at suggested 15%

Steeped for 2 week ( suggested 3-5 days )

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


When I mixed this one up, I realised I'd actually made this from scratch the other year from one of the recipe websites. Still, it HAD been a while, and it was great revisiting it without having to faff about measuring individual flavours etc.

I believe it's from a time when everyone wanted a Cuttwood Unicorn Milk clone, and there were dozens of attempts by mixologists everywhere. This was one of the simplest yet cleanest of these attempts I tried.

The Strawberry is a good balance between realistically fresh and syrupy sweet. It isn't the strongest strawberry either ( well most aren't to be honest ), but feels a little brighter than some I've tried. I also noticed, like when I originally mixed it, there is a light floral note for the first 5-7 days that starts to fade eventually.

The creaminess after one week, to my taste ideally two weeks, is nice and thick, and in the background I pick up on hints of a biscuit base too.

God Milk to me has a bit of a retro feel to it, back to a flavour profile that was once very popular but something people have moved on a little from now. Still, it is a very sound Strawberry Milk vape and for the money a blummin' good value one-shot.

SADLAD TOAST CRUNCH by Rageisalotofwork

Sadlad Toast Crunch Concentrate by Rageisalotofwork

Mixed at suggested 12.75%

Steeped for 2 week ( suggested 3-5 days )

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


I reckon I may have unwittingly saved the best until last.

Vape + Cinnamon + Me = Blech

Well, not always but quite often.

But MY OH MY Sadlad Toast Crunch IS Curiously Cinnamon Grahams... which I love. Despite being cinnamony.

The cinnamon in Sadlad isn't overpowering at all thankfully, and like the breakfast it emulates, comes across more as a powdered cinnamon sugar that is coating a light, crisp toasted cereal flake.

This bowl of cereal wouldn't be complete without a splash of milk, and Sadlad gives you just that. A splash of milk. Not too much though, it'd make the cereal turn soggy!!!

A slight criticism would be it vapes a little dry, but it's not enough to be an issue.

There isn't much more to say about Sadlad Toast Crunch, other than it is a spot-on brekkie vape and does it way better than any other Cinnamon Toast Crunch vape I've tried.


As I said at the beginning, Nom Nomz are doing something great here. They are collaborating with the best talent in the homebrew community and showcasing their finest creations, ready blended and good to go.

They also demonstrate a fact many of us have known for years - that  "Premium" juice is a myth. Big brands and big money do not always guarantee better juice. Here we have a bunch of talented everyday individuals with a passion for mixing, and the kindness to publish their own equally "Premium" recipes to the world for us all to enjoy at affordable prices. 

I salute you all!

Cheers, Peegore.

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