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Spotlight Review - Captain's Custard Full Range

Avast me hearties! Splice the mainbrace, hoist the colours and lets sail the seven seas with a galley full of the Captain’s Custard to keep the spirits high!

I was chatting with Richard recently, and he mentioned that he was stocking a full range of some excellent custards, and would I like to try them for review purposes. Never one to say no, he sent me through all seven of the range, and I had them mixed up straight away.

 So lets get stuck into this Custard Treasure Trove shall we!


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks 

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine

I’m going alphabetical with the reviews, with the exception of this one. Vanilla Custard. Why? well it’s the foundation on which all the other flavours are built, and it’ll save me a heck of a lot of time repeating the ‘custard bit’ in each review!

Smooth, silky, creamy with a noticeable infusion of vanilla is what the Captain’s Custard gives me, as I take several deep luxurious inhalations.

Like many of the modern custards these days, a lot of the thick heavy ‘Americanised’ tones have been cast to one side in favour of lighter and creamier bases.

And the Captains Custard is very creamy. I imagine this to be a very pale yellow white custard, dotted liberally with vanilla seed.

With not a hint of any egginess at all, just a nice level of sweetness rounds this one off perfectly.

Captain’s Vanilla Custard is a solid, no nonsense, creamy, vanilla custard, and very easy to kick back and enjoy.


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


Often, caramel in a mix can be quite prominent, and to a degree, Banana Caramel Custard is one of these mixes.

The caramel is toffee-like and bringing some sweetness, but combined with the vanilla in the custard ( which isn’t taking a back-seat in this one! ) is making it seem a little darker, almost at cinder toffee levels.

One nice surprise is the understated way in which the banana has been added. It’s not a big hit of candied foamy banana ( thankfully! ), but something more ripe and sympathetic to the overall blend. I’m thinking a little too sympathetic but that’s splitting hairs.

A nice juice that, if you specifically like more caramel and less banana, could be right up your alley!


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks 

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


I know I’m getting on a bit ( the old half century looms next year! ) but I like to think my taste-buds haven’t quite started dying-off yet. Yet I sometimes find it a little difficult to differentiate a toffee from a caramel from a butterscotch in e-liquids. They do taste quite similar to me.

And the Captains Butterscotch Custard is no different.

It has all the hallmarks of their Banana Caramel minus the banana. If anything, the caramel maybe seems a little richer. Maybe. I ask myself if I get a little butteryness too, but I’m not sure if this is just a psychological manifestation of vaping ‘butterscotch’.

Combined with the full-weight use of their custard base, Butterscotch Custard is quite a rich caramel style vape indeed.


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks 

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


For the hundred and one-th time, I’ll mention that for a while, cinnamon danish flavourings became my anathema. But recently, I’ve been finding some really pleasant mixes with Cinnamon Danish in them and have been actually quite enjoying them!

Captains Cinnamon Danish Custard easily ranks within my favourites of the moment, if not my most favoured of all.

The Cinnamon is of the powdered sugar variety, like a cinnamon icing sugar sprinkling. It’s there, it’s sweet, and it doesn’t overpower the mix at all. The ‘Danish’ is a light bready background note which helps with the overall mouthfeel of the vape as much as a being a light bakery flavour in itself, adding some texture to the blend.

Cinnamon and Custard are a marriage made in heaven, and the symbiosis of the two naturally lead to a very moreish vape.


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


We have yet another twist in the caramel custard offerings from the Captain, now with a sprinkling of Cornflakes! I know!

It has to be said, a lot of cereal vapes have had their day. I’m thinking mainly of the two variations that were done to death – Lemony Cereal Hoops and Berry Cereal Milk.

But Captain’s Cornflake is an example of ‘new’ cereal executed well.

Nothing is over-done. The Cornflake flavouring is a true cornflake cereal, with that lightly toasted golden finish. it has then been given a sweet caramelised brown suger coating just to make things even tastier. Think Kellog’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes without the nuts. Or honey. Look; it’s similar but not similar, so we’ll just leave it there shall we!

Combined with their custard base which features prominently here, we have a breakfast vape that not only works really well replacing milk with custard, but deliberately eshews convention to bring us a juice that’s really quite unique at the moment. And that’s fairly unheard of these days.


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks 

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


Lemon. Custard. Should it work? Could it work? Course it does!

Lemon Curd Custard is shot-through with a pleasingly strong zesty lemon, the fully rounded pithy type. And considering this is steeped for at least four weeks, the lemon doesn’t feel like it’s faded in the slightest. This is a good thing.

And although it doesn’t taste literally of lemon curd per se ( it’s lacking the butteriness for that ), the combination of the citrus and the creamy custard base somehow creates a satisfying illusion of this.

As custards go, this is a light, bright variation, and very easy ADV for sure.


Oneshot Mixed at 20% ( suggested 20% to 25% )

Steeped for suggested 4 weeks 

VG 70 / PG 30, 1.5mg Nicotine


Strawberry and custard e-liquid. Has there ever been a more quintessential fruit and custard pairing!

The captain has kept his vanilla quite low in here, and it feels like the creaminess has been enhanced slightly, making for an even more creamy custard base.

The strawberry is coming through just nicely. It’s a soft sweet strawberry that flirts with syrupyness and freshness at the same time.

What this leaves us with a Strawberry and Cream juice that benefits immensely from the cream having the richer body of a custard. A fine example in it’s genre!


Wow. This is one solid line of custards right here. With an excellent custard base, a good spread of quality flavour variations, and every single flavour smooth as silk to vape, Captain’s Custards are an excellent line to spend your hard earned pennies on.

Wholeheartedly recommend the range, and really look forward to any new flavours going forward!

Cheers, Peegore

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