Dripworx are a well establish brand here in the UK with a large following. But until recently, their juice was only available ready-mixed. Now though, they have unleashed their creations as one-shots... and I'm ON IT!

Let the good vapes roll...

All were mixed at 20% and steeped for the recommended steep times.

Moving through my selection of Dripworx oneshots in alphabetical order, so as not to show any flavour favouritism, first up for review is Caramel Custard Donut.

When I approach a new range of one-shots for review, I always feel compelled to add a doughnut juice to the selections, to see how they’ve tackled it. It’s a flavour that the creator either takes the easy route with ( Capella Glazed Doughnut ) or they have a crack at it themselves using a blend of other concentrates at their disposal. Dripworx has happily opted for the latter!

After it’s essential three week steep, Caramel Custard Donut really shows itself to be a donut with a difference.

The bakery flavour seems to be a mix of several individual elements that culminate in a very satisfying, rounded donut effect ( pun absolutely intended ). I get a slightly yeasty, bready doughnut with a deep-fried crusty outer and it’s superb.

The caramel stands shoulder to shoulder with it’s fresh-baked friend; bold, smooth and a little buttery.

The custard only starts coming through during prolonged vape sessions as flavour builds, a light creamy vanilla that just pushes the quality of this mix even further into the realms of tastiness!

Caramel Custard Donut is a very solid, very rich, very lush vape that certainly exceeded my expectations and gets two thumbs up from me!

After mixing, the raspberry was punchy and the biscuit particularly oaty, but after three weeks of steeping this has all mingled, mellowed and steeped beautifully.

The raspberry has toned down now, and really reminds me of the little freeze-dried chunks you get in some cereals like Special K. It has a nice rounded raspberry fruit taste but also has retained a little tangy tartness too.

The biscuit base is also very much on-point. It has that classic soft baked oat and light brown sugar flavour and is particularly well crafted.

Supporting these two key flavours are the subtle hint of white chocolate and a very soft cream which as as much to the mouth-feel as they do flavour.

At times, depending on what setup I’m vaping this on, it reminds me a little of granola cereal, but for the most part it is a superbly crafted Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Belgian White Chocolate Raspberry cookie through and through.

A Dripworks must-buy if ever there was one. Fantastic.

For me, the key to any lemon meringue e liquid is how the recipe creator deals with his pastry! Too little, and it’s just sweet lemon. Too much, and not only does it throw the balance of the vape out of kilter, but in time the pastry can become even stronger in the steep, and if the lemon fades then you just end up with… pastry juice!

Dripworx have done a great job though with their Lemon Meringue though.

The Lemon is still going strong over three weeks after mixing. I’d have liked it to be more curd-like and buttery but still, it’s quite bright and a little tart without tasting like straight-up Jif lemon!

The Meringue is adding a nice level of sweetness and a little light mouthfeel which comes across more gooey than powdery and brittle.

As for the pastry, this has been handled with care! It’s not heavy at all but it is noticeable, and redolent of its real-life counterpart.

Fans of this type of juice will, I’m sure, appreciate this well crafted Lemon Meringue Pie.

When I first saw Strawberry Custard Cream within the plethora of Dripworx’s collection, I thought it would be a strawberry custard cream biscuit flavour! Reading further through their description, it became clear this would be their take on a more straight-up strawberry milk / cream juice. Never one to pass on a strawberry cream…. It got bought!

Since mixing this, and throughout the steep, the strawberry fruit element has been giving me distinct strawberry jelly vibe. I’m finding it hard to pin down why but it does. I think it’s partly down to the nature of the strawberry. It’s not a fresh natural fruit taste, nor is it syrupy. It’s mostly a gelatinous strawberry taste if that makes sense.

Anyhow, this fruit is combined with a light whipped creaminess that has the subtlest hints of vanilla, and in the very background, mainly in the aftertaste that lingers, a soft shortbread note to round things off.

One last thing I noticed is that SCC is one of the least sweet of the bunch, this coming mainly from the strawberry itself.

In summary, Strawberry Custard Cream, all flavours combined, tastes very similar to a Strawberry Trifle! It was a nice surprise, and worth trying if you like your Strawberry Cream vapes with a little twist!

I’ll say this before anything else- Sugar Daddy is EXACTLY what it is designed to emulate… a frosted cupcake!

I’ve had a few cupcake e liquids to date that were good, even very good, but I’ve not tried one as uncannily accurate as Sugar Daddy!

The sponge is the lightest, whitest cupcake base, but the perfection lies in the way Dripworx have done the frosting. It is sweet… icing sugar sweet, with a hint of buttery thickness and threaded with a touch of vanilla. It’s truly lovely.

Topping this off is a touch of what seems to be citrus, to bring a little ‘colour’ to the otherwise pure white palate of flavours.

The image I placed above left, the white cupcake adorned with a white frosting swirl and sprinkles relates directly to Sugar Daddy to my taste.

Be warned though, it IS sweet, and I can see this being toked in stints as opposed to an ADV. But it is such a well crafted mix I have to wholeheartedly recommend it no-matter how often you may end up vaping it!

Twisty is an ever popular mix these days for any manufacturer to include in their juice portfolio. It’s not now a question of will it be done, but how well can it be done!

Dripworx have put together a mix that as a whole gels together fantastically.

The top note of lime, when steeped, doesn’t have that overly keen aggressive tartness some other mixes fall foul of. It’s a softened citrus, but manages to retain it’s vibrancy despite this.

Backing this up is a lovely rounded pineapple, and again like the lime, it’s soft yet full and fruity enough to hold up well in the mix.

Any other fruit in here, for example strawberry or berry, isn’t distinguishable enough to be noteworthy, but I’m sure is adding something to the fruits in an understated supporting role. The overall effect though lends a sorbet feel to the final flavour.

Key to Twisy is it’s light and creamy ice-cream core. It rounds the juice of perfectly, and gives the vape a satisfying bump in the old mouthfeel department.

Soft and easy with subtle citrus tang to keep the interest going…. ADV for sho’!


Dripworx mixes are just consistently excellent! The only problem will be choosing just which ones you like the most! 

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