We all knew it was coming.

We laughed at first. "This will never come to pass" we'd mutter." We'll worry about it when it happens"

Then we became a little....twitchy.

We started to sign the odd petition. Then many, many petitions. "Fight the European Commission!", "Block TPD in the UK!", "Withdraw the new TPD regulations" ( Oh yes, I signed LOADS )

But the inevitable, inexorably, had crept up on us all. We couldn't stop the TPD! And we were mere weeks away from the dreaded 20th May 2017 deadline.

We finally panicked. The idea that we could no longer buy anything larger than 10ml with nicotine shocked us into hoarding as many 100ml bottles of our favourite juices as we could. But this hoarding then became a frantic free-for-all; as in those final few weeks, and as the countdown was on, non-compliant stock was starting to be cleared out. Prices were dropping in online and retail stores fast because soon... they would all be unsaleable.

In the penultimate day or so to the TPD deadline, a sorry bunch of us were still scouring the internet, picking at the skeletal e-liquid carcass like starved vultures, digging out the final small morsels that existed after the flurry from betwixt its sorry bones. We unearthed the odd 50ml 0mg of some flavour and brand we'd never even considered before... and hurriedly bought it. We discovered a lone 120ml 18mg bottle of something or other and purchased it too, despite knowing we'd been on 1.5mg for months, convincing ourselves we'd dilute it down with something else. Just because we'd never have the chance again.

Then the clock struck midnight, and a quiet hush descended across the vaping world.

The sun inevitably rose the next day. We had done all we could. We were now in a new age.

We were Post-TPD.


So I'm sat here now, 170 days later, wondering how it has affected me personally.
Well, the honest truth is... not much.

So far.

I don't want to come across as some sort of know-it-all, and I certainly don't want to seem all "preachy", but I saw that a huge portion of our vaping future would one day lay with one-shot concentrates and home-brewing, even while the TPD was still a twinkle in the government's eye.

See, I shortly realised after starting to vape, like many I suppose, that e-liquids were just plain expensive. And with only a little digging and research I also came to realise that out there was a very good selection of ready-mixed juice concentrates, Nom Nomz being a prime example. All they needed were a little nicotine, a big blob of Vegetable Glycerine and a lot of shakey-shakey steep-time love to make oodles more juice than you could wish for, FOR LESS MONEY!

This enlightenment was pretty much the sole reason for creating my blog, PeegoreVapes. I wanted to shout to the world "Vape Quality but Vape Cheap!!!" and this was the best way I could do it.

Well, I immediately started buying VG from online sellers and Boots the chemist. I bought in 72mg nicotine in 100ml bottles and invested in some mixing gear.
What I had no way of knowing was that I was already on the road to post TPD readiness before it even happened!

And yes, when the deadline day started to arrive, I did indulge in a few bargain pre-made juices for old times sake, but I mostly stocked up on 72mg nicotine and froze it. That's about as far as my 'panic' stretched.

TPD, for me then, came and went with not much more impact than a loose and flabby fart rather than a big life-changing bang! My life, in fact, hadn't really changed at all. I'm doing now what I always did. I make, shake and vape one-shots.
Ok, so when I said a few paragraphs ago it hadn't affected me much SO FAR, I do have the niggling dread of the day my 72mg stock runs out. I calculated that I should have around five years worth even if I abuse it a little, but I'm down to 1.5mg and getting by very nicely thank you.

And even if I do run out... so what? I remind myself that I am down to 1.5mg. Nicotine shots are readily available and easily affordable, and 10ml will make 120ml of juice at 1.5mg nicotine. That's very acceptable if you ask me.

And this level of calmness and assuredness could also be yours too with a little adaptation. It's never really been the end of the world. It's just a slightly different world. A world where the sun still rises, where we still pick up a mod or vape pen of a morning and have a toot on our favourite juice, taking our first nicotine hit for the day. A world where despite all the government interference and the best efforts of Big Tobacco to scupper us... we have stayed off the stinkies.

F*ck the TPD. We ARE winning. We are vaping. And we're loving it.

Cheers, Peegore

For more information on mixing, check out my other article in the blog section, MIXING ONE-SHOTS 101. For more one-shot concentrates... grab some from the Nom Nomz website!!!

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